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It’s been a long time coming

As a Blue Jays fan of 10 odd years, I never thought I'd ever see this. And with the post season upon us, let me just say: fuck Texas.

Posted: October 4th, 2015
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I’m a little late on the anti-SOPA bandwagon, but I’m going to pin my lack of empathy of this rather important issue on my previous internship duties and various other factors that have kept me in the dark on this these past few months. I know, not a good excuse but hey, whatever man.

Probably the most scariest part of SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act – is the danger it poses to user generated content, which is significant because the internet has evolved into a medium which us as users to have an incredible amount of control over, more so than what it was years ago. While SOPA is a piece of American legislation, it’s significance goes beyond one nation and will have a global impact that will affect everyone.

What frightens me about SOPA is the fact that as a domain name owner who uses his space as a blog, the content as well as those that I host will theoretically come under scrutiny in accordance to these new laws. According to one article by Michael Geist, domain names such as mine would be subject to US jurisdiction in accordance to this law, since this domain is under a US domain name registry as well as many others.

What is also interesting about SOPA is its inclusion as part of proposed future US foreign policy, which according to Gant ‘grants more resources to US embassies around the world to increase their involvement in foreign legal reform.’ The last thing we need is more American encroachment within our sovereign borders. And to think I was going to be safe up here in the chilly high north regardless.

The idea that content can be regulated in such a liberal manner is a scary scenario that is difficult for many of us to grasp. How a blog post, a video or a picture can be subject to a law that goes against the freedoms that the internet provides is asinine. In the event that SOPA passes, I guess I’ll have to get used to writing in an actual diary for my rants and emo-esque blogs.


Posted: January 20th, 2012
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Let’s move on

Other than the last tidbit of a post, I haven’t blogged anything meaningful in a while. Here goes…

After almost a week of talking about the riots with friends and indulging in the coverage of it, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of hearing from this country and the rest of the world how crappy our city is, how Canucks fans are a bunch of dirt bags and overall how embarrassed we all are of our own home. It’s done and we fucked up, son. We managed to fuck a bunch of shit up and yes, we did it over a bloody hockey game. It sounds stupid but we actually did it. But ignoring the aftermath of the game, I feel positive about this city and the team moving forward:

One, our city as a whole distanced ourselves from the hooliganism and some of our own responded accordingly. There is no excuse for what they did, and let me be clear: those that have participated should and will be brought to justice by law. But it is in my hope that as a society we can move on to forgive and begin the healing. Let’s not allow ourselves to become the mob, the very thing that we’ve all expressed our distaste for. I’ve browsed at all the public shaming websites and groups set up after the riots, and a lot of good people were caught up in the mob mentality that ensued because of a few who were settled on creating a little chaos on the streets. Does this absolve them of their crimes? Certainly not! But I believe most have suffered for it, in some cases more-so in the form of personal threats to their families and themselves. Justice needs to be served in the court of law, not by vigilantes bent on causing more harm. We need to move forward together.

Two, when you look back at the season I think it’s safe to say it was tremendously successful. Our team went from perennial second round losers to being a game away from 16. They did it without riding a hot goaltender from start to finish like so many Cinderella runs we’ve seen in the past. The team got to where it was because of a total team effort. Three lines were chipping in, the defence core stepped up and our goalie won us some games. Unfortunately, our team just couldn’t get it done. You could tell the will and heart was there, but the bodies of many of them refused to go any further. In the end, the team just didn’t get the bounces.

And three, I’m confident our city will recover and move on. This team will be ready again and they will return. It can only get better from here.


I think I’ve come to accept the fact that graduation is a good thing. I just needed more time to think about what’s going to happen once everything’s said and done. And while there are some things that I wish I did before I graduated, I feel that once I cross that stage, I’ll be OK with it.

I mentioned things that I probably won’t be able to do when school’s over and done with. One of those things was playing at one of the Guitar Club shows held every semester. There is one coming up this Friday that I had planned on being a part of, but I’m in the unfortunate situation where I have a midterm on Tuesday and an Education 230 assignment bugging me this weekend, so practice time was at a premium and not enough. It’s disappointing… but I guess the next thing to consider is Youtube?

And to do that, I want an iPad 2, which I’ve been acting cranky over despite my friends insistence that a) it’s an expensive novelty and b) their respect for me would drop significantly. Come on guys… iPad 2! So cool!!!



When I said goodbye, I didn’t mean ‘see you later.’

Posted: June 20th, 2011
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Not the best of days

Two things. I’m a proud Vancouverite. I love this city, I was raised here and I never want to leave this place despite the fact that I may never afford to live here on my own. I also bleed blue. The Canucks have been my team since I was 7. As a fan who wears the team close to his heart, I go through the joys and pains with this team.

Our beloved team has lost in the finals and another team has been crowned champions within our city limits. It’s gut wrenching for me to even think about it. What’s even more sad is the aftermath. But what pisses me off even more than my team losing, the haters coming out and tearing my team and myself down and property being destroyed was when I heard reports of people burning their jerseys en mass.

Today is not a good day for any of us in this city.

Posted: June 15th, 2011
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Next up, Nashville Predators.

Posted: April 26th, 2011
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With a pocket full of shells

What is happening in Lybia right now should not be happening.

Posted: February 20th, 2011
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Barring any engineering failures, the oil cap put over the well today has stopped the flow of oil after 85 days and 689 million litres of it gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Still…

From Pearls Before Swine on

Posted: July 15th, 2010
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Things of note

Things that are on my mind right now:

  • From what I’m seeing on the twitter feed, the city feels royally bummed out about tonight’s latest debacle. In the past I would be too, but this year I’m feeling pretty numb. I think the loss to Calgary during the 2004 playoffs was the last time I was emotionally connected with the team. After that, I just started to gradually not care. But, on the plus side, my main man Shane O’Brien scored a goal tonight. Mike Gillis, re-sign this man please.
  • I don’t like making public very private things, but I will say this: it’s hard not caring, or even pretending not to. In the end I guess I still do care.
  • School starts tomorrow and I’m not ready. Even though I’m officially only taking one course and on the wait list for another, it seems like I really need to cut down on the things I have planned for the summer.
  • Graduation… how’s that going to work out?
  • I can’t wait for Portland. As much as I love Vancouver, I need to get out of this city.
  • This summer I will learn ‘Doesn’t Remind Me’ by Audioslave. That song has been bothering me for a long time now. It needs to be learned, but darn it tremelo picking is hard.
  • The Fray never get old. Listen to ‘Uncertainty.’ Lovely song.

I’m out.

I can’t believe I saw this

I was just chillin’ on the sofa watching the game this evening and all of a sudden I see this:

Here’s one where the colour commentator loses his mind after realizing what he just witnessed:

Bring on the Hawks, baby. Bring ’em on.

Posted: April 25th, 2010
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The reality of it

One of the most disappointing things I’ve ever read in a long time was today when I read that David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. In a game today lacking heroes, Ortiz up to this point was considered one of the few who stood out as being one of the more legendary figures in baseball with the integrity to make him someone to look up to. Besides possessing one of the most clutch bats in the history of the game, this was a guy who would tear up visiting sick children as part of his own charity organization. A respected personality on and off the field, to hear that he was on the list of 104 dopers in 2003 tarnishes what was an inspiring figure to me.

According to Ortiz, he is ‘surprised’ by the results, not quite aware of the things he put into his body at that time were the substances banned today. I’d like to take his word for it, that it was all a mistake. But with recent revelations of high profile players indicted already, it’s a difficult sell.

I’m glad our BC boys Justin Morneau, Ryan Dempster and Jason Bay still possess their squeaky clean images. I just hope no more names drop from the list of those whom I still respect in the game.

Posted: August 1st, 2009
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