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Aviators? Me?

I’ve never really looked good in sunglasses. On one fateful summer day I thought buying these would make me cool. After living in denial for years I came to the realization that it made me look like a turd. $500 down the drain my friends.

But these… they look nice. And compared to the Oakleys this one’s priced quite well.

Me? Behind those?

Me? Behind those?

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Too Cool

If any of you know where I can get this calendar, let me know. I will immediately buy this and hang it up on the wall.


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I am a man of simple tastes, though ever since I’ve discovered Mr. West’s blog I’ve been exposed to a certain aspect of today’s culture that I have begun to consider investing in. From beautiful women to just pure awesome, the allure of high culture has acted as a siren song to this young slob. I cannot resist.

The greatest thing I’ve seen so far? This glass bed. I will be king if I ever set my ass on this fine piece of furniture. Impractical? Dangerous? Probably. But fucking dope? You bet your ass.

Aww yeah

Aww yeah

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It’s Cold…

…and I wish we had a Concepts store out here on the west coast, because this is probably the only parka that I’d actually wear.

The only parka Id wear

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Long Live The Original

The temperature’s been dropping steadily over the last few days, and Mom’s been complaining that I don’t dress well enough to cope with the changing environment. These won’t exactly make me feel any warmer, but if I do freeze in place on the streets of Downtown Vancouver, I’ll at least look good while striking a fancy pose.

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No Justice

I was reading the newspaper the other day – in the Tuesday edition of the Province – and browsing the opinion section, they had a couple letters published regarding the findings from the Robert Dziekanski case last Friday. One comment stood out from the rest, coming from a Mr. Jim Simpson from Surrey: “Isn’t anyone else tired of the RCMP being berated for restraining an out-of-control man at the airport?” going on to say that “The police are human, too, and could have suffered permanent injury at the hands of Robert Dziekanski.”

What is this shit?

Most people have already seen the video, where Dziekanski was isolated for hours without any sort of assistance upon landing and could not speak english. After being confronted by officers and clearly walking away in disgust over the situation, he was immediately seen as a “threat” and promptly tasered, a necessary move to protect the officers at the scene. The report on taser usage came in last Friday, the results of the findings nothing short of disturbing.

I find public comments made by this faggot outrageous. Maybe coming from Surrey he has some natural inclination to assume force – whether lethal or non-lethal – is needed to subdue a man clearly upset or in his own words, “out of control.” But it is absolutely outrageous to suggest Dziekanski would have harmed the officers in that situation. I was not aware police policy on taser usage also included targets walking away from them as warrenting the use of the device. Make your own conclusions, but judging by the video, it didn’t seem as if the officers were in any danger when face to face with a clearly distressed man wanting nothing more than to leave the airport in one piece. Unfortunately that was not Dziekanski’s fate that day.

But what is even more outrageous than the comments made by this asshole is the fact that the findings ruled out criminal charges against the officers, at one point apologizing for these pigs by suggesting taser policy was “loose” and under the circumstances the actions were “reasonable and necessary.”

How the fuck was it “necessary?”

Shamefully, the report would make note of the fact that Dziekanski was a chronic alcoholic despite the coroner finding no traces of any substances in his body nor explaining why and how they came to the conclusion that this man had an alcohol problem. Is the report blaming Dziekanski for his own death? How subtle.

I’ve given up hope on the justice system here. How many times have we seen law enforcement officials freed from obligation for their wrongdoings in the past, while the victims and those associated with them suffer? Besides our best friend Jim, there has been a massive outcry against the results of these findings, clearly the public and the system do not see eye to eye here. There is something wrong with the system, there has been no justice served and we are all a little more fucked up for it.

So fuck you Jim. I’m moving to Abu Dabu.

Adam Walsh murder solved

The case of murdered 6 year old boy Adam Walsh – son of John Walsh, host of TV show ‘America’s Most Wanted’ – has been solved today, linking Otis Toole to the murder which occured nearly three decades ago. I used to watch the show when I was a kid, bored on Saturday nights with nothing to do but watch crime reality shows all night until Mad TV came on. What you saw in John Walsh was an extremely angry man, the victim of countless miscues by the Hollywood police department in the handling of this case. In todays news conference, you saw a man who was broken, still stricken with grief but the events of today have at least eased some of that. Continue the good fight John.

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New York New York

Under normal circumstances this really shouldn’t deserve its own post, but hey, I’m so addicted to this new fangled thing here that I’ll write just about anything to make a new post.

Anyways, uploaded the New York pictures my Dad took this summer, which you can see the thumbnails for on the sidebar. They look absolutely amazing, but unfortunately I couldn’t put them all into the widget as the maximum was 10. In the next few days, I’ll see to it that the rest of the pictures can be seen. Dad did good here.

On a completely unrelated note, I just can’t get enough of the new Kanye West album after a week or so since it dropped. ‘Welcome to Heartbreak’ is the new audio orgasm around here, a pleasurable sound to be sure.


What can I say? The man is a magician.

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Finally Running

Hi internet. It’s past 4 AM in the morning and I can’t sleep, so instead of trying to get some rest like everyone else in this house I’m sitting here getting this thing to work after spending almost the entire day trying to get it up and running. I’m happy to see that it’s finally working and I can now focus more on writing than trying to get some sort of template going. Did I say I love WordPress? Never did I envision myself using this thing after prior experience to actually hand-writing websites without a premade template. But looking back, it all seems so primitive. So instead of snubbing my nose to blog software I am embracing the future. Long live WordPress.

Papers are done and that means this long semester is finally over. Can’t say I’m entirely happy with some of the things that transpired this fall – German people hate me – but if my GPA improves or stays the same, then it’ll be easier to forget the bullshit that went on.

Trying to get my whole life back to normal. This past week I’ve been sleeping at 5 or 6 AM thanks to the massive caffeine and sugar influx my body took in on a daily basis during crunch time. It’s been almost a week after my last paper was completed and I’m still sleeping at such a ridiculous time, waking up at 2 in the afternoon. It’s fucking stupid. While some people don’t mind, I rather be awake while the rest of the world is. Reminds me of those graveyard shifts at Superstore.

Just a final note, I’m going to be taking a more casual approach to blogging now. No more taking myself seriously and separation of posts into different pages. I figure I don’t have the same amount of patience in doing that as I did back when I was a kid. It kind of sucks, but then again this way is easier to manage and less of a headache.


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