News for February 2009

These are trying times

Judging by the number of packages with my name on it coming in through the mail these days, one wouldn’t think the current economic recession hasn’t been felt by me yet. Seeing box after box  come through the door, my Mom just lets out a sigh as she returns to her book. ‘That boy.’

My Dad just saw several of his friends get laid off at work today. Thank God he wasn’t one of them, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t affected him: these were guys my Dad worked with for years, and while he’s not feeling it in his bank account, it’s hitting him hard emotionally. Oddly, I can relate to him. Like Dad, I grow easily attached to people just simply being there. Whether they’re close friends or not, it doesn’t really matter, just seeing them around on a consistent basis just feels normal. When they’re gone, something’s just not right. Just this past weekend I’ve seen a friend whom I’ve worked with since the beginning leave. Fuck knows when I’ll see him again. It will be weird and depressing not knowing that certain person isn’t there anymore.

But that’s slightly different.

At the same time, my Dad just got a big dose of the kind of shit that’s going on these days. You see headlines everyday about it: some rich douche bag loses millions but still keeps his name on the top 50 in Forbes, companies are asking for a bail out as their companies lose millions. I could go on.

The most telling are the stats you read: 5,000 walk the plank in BC alone. In November, 533,000 in the US. 213,000 in Canada. Startling, but in front of me they’re just numbers. I’ll feel sorry for the blue-collar man who was a part of that number. But my day will go on because you can’t see behind the stats doomsday prophets in the media are throwing around.

But there’s the emotional impact that no one really documents, how the average joe is during these trying times.  Times like what my Dad is going through, the kind which makes you wonder what kind of fucked up shit this is.

It fucking sucks, but hopefully we can all get out of this without going through anymore bullshit.

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Bags and School

Foolishly, I drank an energy drink at 9 this evening so I’m a little buzzed, a little anxious right now. I’ll spit something out before I crash for the night.

I like talking about school. You may not like reading about school. That is fine, because me neither. We share a bond in regards to how such an evil place like that can cause so much inconvenience in our lives. I can already tell that I will not enjoy this entry as much as the others, nor would I think this is something I’d be particularly proud of. But I fucking hate the place. Maybe it’s because I’m actually caring about my grades this semester and things aren’t going so well in that regard, or maybe it’s because I’m lost in the crowd, my friends are either not there when I’m there and the loneliness is killing me.

Yeah, it’s going to be one of those posts.

I started thinking about graduation a few days ago, wondering when I’d get the fuck out of that place. Everywhere I go my friends seem like they’re nearing graduation already. On the flip side, some of my other friends are entering college life for the first time, and the idea of me graduating with them when all is said and done is scary, because I never envisioned I’d spend such a substantial part of my youth in school. Shit, if you’d ask me four years ago, I’d thought this semester was my last.

But at the same time, all that bullshit that they told you about college, how when you left high school it was the real world for us. We’d be eaten alive, the merciless would prey on us and upon leaving the vault it was nothing more than a wasteland – didn’t understand that? It was a Fallout reference.


It was supposed to be a dog eat dog world out there. It isn’t. In a way, I’m still being kept on a leash, kept back from certain realities. My profs, even though it’s scaled back dramatically, still baby me. It’s ironic, how a place that’s caused me so much grief is what’s keeping me back from what I would hate even more. I guess I’m scared. Or maybe I just need that summer vacation to come sooner rather than later.

I saw the gnarliest bag this evening. It’s something that I’ll never buy because I see it more as a novelty than anything. Parading around town with this thing, I don’t know what people would think about me. Plus it looks a little awkward, but I’m sure with the price you’re supposedly paying for this thing it should at least fulfill some of that requirement. But regardless, it’s dope I tell you.



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I want attention

I urge you all to sign up for Twitter for constant updates on every move I make in life, from when I go to bed, what I’m reading to the exact moment when I go take a shit. Every move I make is relevant to you, so relevant that you will know all this instantly through your Blackberries, iPhones and iPod Touches and your cell phones. Let me be a part of your daily routine.

Hit it!

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This is too cool

G-Shock + Chupa Chup Lollipops = G-Shock Chupa Chup watch? I’m there.


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Triple FAT Goose 2009 Spring Outerwear

I don’t quite understand the whole jacket phenomenon that’s taken over my sense of fashion these days. I’ve got a million of these suckers in my room. Yet one is not enough. Or five. Something cool will always be there. But there’s going to be rain come this spring, rain combined with a slightly warmer weather front entering our space as we finally leave the crappy winter weather behind. Therefore the need for something lighter but still providing ample protection is needed. While the Chilliwack has served me well so far, we all know that winter is not eternal around these parts. The thing heats up like crazy when conditions are more warmer than usual.

Enter the new Spring collection from Triple FAT Goose, the latest pieces that I’m currently jerking off to. Looks great, though obviously with the way my spending has gone these last few days – out of luxury and of necessity – there needs to be some kind of restraint. Let’s hope in the end I don’t end up broke, or else I’ll be hanging out at River Rock my friends.




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I’m sorry, but this was too good

“Today, I was talking to my parents about feeling insecure with my “beach body” as Spring Break keeps getting closer and closer. My dad proceeded to warn me by saying, “Don’t wear a gray swimsuit. People will try to roll you back into the ocean”. FML

It’s a little too good… do I smell bs?

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It’s positive

Class today, results are in. Looking at the results, I realized that I bombed my midterm.

But I didn’t care.

Things are looking up. My birthday just went by, but I think things are starting to go in the direction that I want, even though flunking a test worth a sizable chunk of my class grade would suggest otherwise.

I was reading this article earlier this week regarding the recently announcement that Blink 182 was reuniting. Unlike James, I never really moved on. I grew up listening to these guys. After they went on ‘haitus’ things weren’t ever the same. I tried indie. I tried electronica. Soft rock. It never really replaced the magic that I felt in high school. That’s not to suggest I ran into absolute crap since then – Coldplay and The Subways, great bands – but when something is gone that had a big influence on how you lived, how you reacted to the world, it’s a void that never really closes itself.

Maybe I’m just a jaded punk rock guy, missing the days where punk and punk-pop bands took the scene by storm. Say what you will about the quality of music back then, but it had to be better than the Jonas Brothers. I don’t think I need to elaborate on why this news has me excited.

OK, no more Blink posts for now.

Musically it’s been orgasmic over here. The new The Fray album that dropped is amazing. Listen to ‘Happiness,’ it’s got some chill vibe going off in there. Asher Roth’s ‘I Love College’ single is the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while, even though I’m no frat boy. Sifting through old albums, I’ve rediscovered why the Beastie Boys are as dope as they are.

I can sleep easily again.

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Oh yeah…

I forgot to post this the other day. Makes me smile every time I read it.


Pearls Before Swine… lovely.

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I saw, I wept

Coldplay won the award too, not too shabby.

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Of note part deux

When I heard this was going to happen, then a few days later this might actually be in the works, my head exploded. Exciting news: my childhood adoration for grown men coming together to produce wonderful tunes may actually happen soon. Incredible.

I saw this on High Snobiety today. With the rain coming and dragonboat season starting up, I need to invest in some rain gear. While I won’t be wearing this to practice, those casual strolls through downtown Vancouver might actually be a more dry affair than I’m used to with my cotton rain gear of years past. I’m digging the look, though methinks I’d like something like this minus the length of it. Not sure if something that will reach that far down would actually work, but then again I had a jacket like that before and it seemed alright.


I’m still going to need something for those wet dragonboat practices that’s coming up this spring. Maybe something like this?


Maybe a little too ‘delicate’ for dragonboating? I don’t know… I need something besides cotton to keep me dry.

My fashionistas! What do you think?