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My new favorite site

What happens when some annoying lady starts spamming her garage sale ads in the neighborhood? Someone takes action.

Also check out the world-class ad email exchange. Or some nice disguised weaponry. Another good one. Not since FML have I ever laughed so hard. I’m serious, my life is going to waste now. BAAAAAWW.

Posted: April 27th, 2010
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I can’t believe I saw this

I was just chillin’ on the sofa watching the game this evening and all of a sudden I see this:

Here’s one where the colour commentator loses his mind after realizing what he just witnessed:

Bring on the Hawks, baby. Bring ’em on.

Posted: April 25th, 2010
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I was offered an extension for co-op yesterday. The decision came suddenly and I was only given until 9 AM today to decide whether I was going to continue working for the agency or go my separate way. I can’t really say that I thought it through, due to the amount of time they gave me to make up my mind, but after thinking it over I eventually declined the offer. When the initial wave of extensions being offered to some of the co-ops went out and I wasn’t one of them, I was resounded to the fact that I wasn’t coming back and that there wasn’t going to be a second chance for me. I looked at what I was going to do from now until the end of the year and thought maybe, just maybe this might turn out OK. Enrolling in classes as a part time student during the summer might give me some time and space to actually take up things that I wanted to do. I said the same thing when I knew I was going into co-op. You’d think that no exams and papers would be somewhat of a bonus, since not worrying about those things would give you so much time to do whatever you wanted. For me, coming home exhausted and working a shift a week at the theater in retrospect took away all the personal time I had.

I’m a guy who believes in faith. It comes from being spiritual and believing in God who can guide us through tough decisions. I’ve never had to make a tough decision in a long time. Most of those decisions were being made for me by outside factors that I couldn’t control, like not being accepted into co-op the first time around for the fall semester – which actually turned out really well going to school instead. This time around, I thought it was going to be the same clear-cut choice: God did not intend for me to stick around the office, he wanted me out and there wasn’t going to be any say in the matter. I was fine with that. In fact, I was glad the choice was made for me.

So for me to out of the blue be offered an extension came as something that gave me mixed signals. All of  a sudden there was an actual choice that needed to be made and I eventually made it. Did I do the right thing today? Or should I have accepted the offer? God wasn’t going to make the decision for me this time, not like the last.

As the day comes to a close, I’m starting to feel a little at peace with what I decided. This whole time I actually missed school and being a part of the whole campus vibe thing. I missed my 9 hours of sleep. I missed being around people I used to hang out with a lot before I got a taste of the ‘real world’. With potentially more time on my hand, I could pursue more things, hit up Portland and possibly Tofino with the homies as well as the Losers at Cultus Lake. The only reason why I would ever go for another term sitting on my butt the entire day answering the same thing over and over would be for the money. I remember Carrie mentioning this on one of my past posts: I’ve got the rest of my life to make money. And it’s true. Right now, I just want to enjoy being young and stupid.

So I’m going to bed, excited at the thought that I’ll be collecting my last paycheck next Wednesday and enjoying a two week break before I get back to school. Goodness knows I haven’t had a solid night of sleep in a very long time. And I’ll be looking forward to that once this is all done.

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I should have seen the signs. When I’m over-confident about something that I think is going to happen, it usually never happens. The same thing applies to this situation, I thought I was going to get extended for co-op, reap some muchos dineros and not worry about money for a while. I’d have also quit my job at the theater – another thing that has weighed on me for a while now. Now I find out that I won’t be coming back and I’ll be back in school a lot sooner than I thought. I knew I wanted to be a student forever, but I didn’t want to jump back into it just yet.

I guess on the bright side it will be the end of early bedtimes and 6 AM wake up calls. I won’t miss those one bit. I’ll also welcome the fact that I’ll have more time to do things. You’d think with no exams and papers to worry about there would be so much time to do things, but when you’re coming home exhausted plus keeping your old job on the side, time seems more wasted on recouping rather than doing something constructive. Maybe with the sun coming out the energy level will be there.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to the summer. And with summer comes summer projects: start practicing more electric guitar, start saving money and cook more which, by the way, I am starting to enjoy (Thank you Thomas Keller). Add to the activities I need to do before the end of summer like surfing, grouse grind and hopefully a bike ride along the sea wall will be things I could do before the end of what I think is my last summer as a student. Oh the horrors of the real world.

And with that, I bid you adieu. I need to recover from all the hits to the head I took today in dodgeball. Tonight I learned that tall white people throw hard. Very hard.

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