News for August 2010

In Retrospect

This is probably my last chance to write this up before I head off to Mexico until Labour Day. Seeing as though the last four months have been memorable for both the right and wrong reasons, I thought it was appropriate to reflect on what happened.

It’s been a summer.

I wrestled with whether not taking the extension from my co-op placement was a great idea, fought back frustration with people and wondered whether going back to school in the summer was going to be worth it.

Instead, I realized that going back to school and relaxing instead of working 9-5ish shifts 5 days a week was worth being poor. I got to go on weekend getaways, got better at the guitar, learned how to cook cool dishes – kinda – worked out, hung out with people I love and stayed up while everyone else had to get up and work the next morning. If  I took that extension, all the things I’ve done and learned would not have happened. I’m happy about my decision.

I also had to deal with people, issues that would have derailed my summer. I won’t get into it – personal – but those in the know know about it. Let’s just say that things were resolved, I got over some things and in the end something nice could potentially happen. I’m happy.

And school in the summer… didn’t really turn out that bad. I registered for an online course and spent one hour a week doing the readings, zombied my way through it all and ended up getting decent results. Score.

So this summer didn’t turn out as bad as I thought. I got lucky, was blessed and I feel better for it. I was busy every weekend being out and about, and spent time with friends and reviving relationships with people I hadn’t seen in some time.

And I will miss it all.

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I need a new jacket

Haven’t done this in a while… but see that blue jacket in the middle? I’m all over that once this collection drops. Now to find someone who can read Japanese (edit: just found out that the jacket is going to cost me over $600. No thanks, I’m not that insane).

More from Hypebeast.

And on another note, while I never really shopped at American Apparel, it will be weird not seeing their stores when I hit up downtown if they do go under. But then again, think of the clearance sales!

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So Here’s Your Future

Everyone’s graduating and it seems like I’m going to be the last one to move on. I don’t know if the time is right. I’m always wondering if I’ll be able to find something after I graduate. That’s the biggest fear: not being able to find a job or a job that will lead me somewhere. I hear all the horror stories of guys just wandering listlessly through the workforce and not being able to find anything out there. I wanted something in government, but this whole life in the bureaucracy, is it really what I want to do now? Is there a future in that here or would I have to move east to find something? Maybe should I prep myself for a career in education to to fall back on. Teaching has been something I’ve been thinking about. It would mean another semester or two in school, but I could live with that.

I honestly thought something like this would have resolved itself a lot sooner, but I guess things change and my indecisiveness got the best of me. But in the mean time, I should make the best of what time I have left as a student… all I know is that I will definitely miss being one when it’s all over.

Posted: August 18th, 2010
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