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Let’s move on

Other than the last tidbit of a post, I haven’t blogged anything meaningful in a while. Here goes…

After almost a week of talking about the riots with friends and indulging in the coverage of it, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of hearing from this country and the rest of the world how crappy our city is, how Canucks fans are a bunch of dirt bags and overall how embarrassed we all are of our own home. It’s done and we fucked up, son. We managed to fuck a bunch of shit up and yes, we did it over a bloody hockey game. It sounds stupid but we actually did it. But ignoring the aftermath of the game, I feel positive about this city and the team moving forward:

One, our city as a whole distanced ourselves from the hooliganism and some of our own responded accordingly. There is no excuse for what they did, and let me be clear: those that have participated should and will be brought to justice by law. But it is in my hope that as a society we can move on to forgive and begin the healing. Let’s not allow ourselves to become the mob, the very thing that we’ve all expressed our distaste for. I’ve browsed at all the public shaming websites and groups set up after the riots, and a lot of good people were caught up in the mob mentality that ensued because of a few who were settled on creating a little chaos on the streets. Does this absolve them of their crimes? Certainly not! But I believe most have suffered for it, in some cases more-so in the form of personal threats to their families and themselves. Justice needs to be served in the court of law, not by vigilantes bent on causing more harm. We need to move forward together.

Two, when you look back at the season I think it’s safe to say it was tremendously successful. Our team went from perennial second round losers to being a game away from 16. They did it without riding a hot goaltender from start to finish like so many Cinderella runs we’ve seen in the past. The team got to where it was because of a total team effort. Three lines were chipping in, the defence core stepped up and our goalie won us some games. Unfortunately, our team just couldn’t get it done. You could tell the will and heart was there, but the bodies of many of them refused to go any further. In the end, the team just didn’t get the bounces.

And three, I’m confident our city will recover and move on. This team will be ready again and they will return. It can only get better from here.


I think I’ve come to accept the fact that graduation is a good thing. I just needed more time to think about what’s going to happen once everything’s said and done. And while there are some things that I wish I did before I graduated, I feel that once I cross that stage, I’ll be OK with it.

I mentioned things that I probably won’t be able to do when school’s over and done with. One of those things was playing at one of the Guitar Club shows held every semester. There is one coming up this Friday that I had planned on being a part of, but I’m in the unfortunate situation where I have a midterm on Tuesday and an Education 230 assignment bugging me this weekend, so practice time was at a premium and not enough. It’s disappointing… but I guess the next thing to consider is Youtube?

And to do that, I want an iPad 2, which I’ve been acting cranky over despite my friends insistence that a) it’s an expensive novelty and b) their respect for me would drop significantly. Come on guys… iPad 2! So cool!!!



When I said goodbye, I didn’t mean ‘see you later.’

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Not the best of days

Two things. I’m a proud Vancouverite. I love this city, I was raised here and I never want to leave this place despite the fact that I may never afford to live here on my own. I also bleed blue. The Canucks have been my team since I was 7. As a fan who wears the team close to his heart, I go through the joys and pains with this team.

Our beloved team has lost in the finals and another team has been crowned champions within our city limits. It’s gut wrenching for me to even think about it. What’s even more sad is the aftermath. But what pisses me off even more than my team losing, the haters coming out and tearing my team and myself down and property being destroyed was when I heard reports of people burning their jerseys en mass.

Today is not a good day for any of us in this city.

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