News for September 2012

With Style

I’ve always loved the UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU running apparel, but I never really had the funds to buy any of the pieces. Now that my situation has changed a little bit these days, I’m excited for this season’s collection to drop, and hopefully I’ll be able to snag something nice in preparation for those chilly runs through downtown. Stoked.

Posted: September 23rd, 2012
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Something proper this time

Wanted to get this off my chest before I hit the sack tonight.

  • Maybe it’s just the end of summer and it’s getting darker outside, but I’m feeling a little down these days. Can’t really pinpoint it exactly, but I guess the high than came with the new job has come and gone, so now I’m thinking about other things. Like dating. God it’s been a while… I’m a little skittish in admitting this but I signed up for a dating site. I wasn’t taking it too seriously at first – curiosity often gnaws at me – but just talking to people on there, you can’t help but wonder if it’s even possible for something to come out of that. I don’t know… it’s stupid to get hung up on things like these but at the same time I can’t really help it.
  • Speaking of my job, it’s actually been OK, once the first week jitters went away. The place is probably the most chill workplace I’ve ever been a part of. The people there are great, the work is manageable and I’m OK with the pay for now. The only thing I’m a little uncertain about is whether or not there’s a future with this company. Hopefully that will resolve itself in a year from now when my contract is up. Fingers crossed.
  • I decided not too long ago that I was going to try and run the Vancouver Marathon next year, with the intention of training for it in earnest starting in September and evaluating my progress at the end of December. So far it’s been OK, running from home all the way to Science World was scenic and definitely more interesting than the 10-13 laps or so around my old high school, in addition to the hills and sprints I’ve been doing with the boys on Sundays. I’m definitely excited about what I might be able to achieve.
  • Why do I suck so much at word games? Currently getting spanked hurd at Words with Friends… WHHHHYYYYY.
  • I don’t know… I’m just so frustrated tonight. /emo
  • Wanted to drop this before I signed off. The new Gaslight Anthem album dropped way back in July and I’m still listening to the damn thing. Might be my favourite album from them. My only complaint? Brian Fallon needs to do more acoustic stuff. He absolutely nails it every time.

Posted: September 4th, 2012
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