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Your pride can be your companion

It’s almost 12:30 AM and I should have been in bed over an hour ago, but a late night gaming session with the boys followed by a reluctance to sleep early has me writing this before I forget.

I don’t think I’ve really pushed my body as hard as I have until this year. I’ve finally recovered from the nagging injuries that I got from dragonboating and now I’m faced with the prospects of shutting it down for a while in terms of my marathon training thanks to an annoying achilles tendon injury.

The latter is scaring me right now.

I’m hoping I’ll be OK after a week or two of rest, but thanks to me playing internet doctor while surfing WebMD, I’m starting to think this might be a long term thing. I really had my sights set for running the marathon in May, and if it turns out that I won’t be ready by then, then it’s going to be a painful year of waiting before I can tackle it again.

Another thing that’s going to put a slight wrench into my plans is the fact that I’m returning to dragonboating. In our exit meeting last September, our coach expressed his disappointment in our commitment, and so this upcoming season might rob me of even more of my time from not only running but also my social life. The idea of dragonboating and running six times a week is terrifying, and it was something I ended up doing this past September, so I’m not sure how long this is going to last.

This might also be my last season not only with the team but dragonboating in general. I’m not sure if I really have the energy to get up on Saturday mornings and paddle in the rain anymore. I will also love the sport that I basically grew up with, but after the past season it has me wondering how much left I have in the tank.

Whatever happens, I just hope to have every piece of my body functioning as it should.

Posted: October 29th, 2012
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