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I gave gold to someone for the first time on Reddit for what I thought was an incredibly profound comment made by him. It's a rare thing for me to have my values and understanding of myself as a person shaken like that but congratulations to him, he did it. And judging by the number of gold stars above his post, I'm not the only one who felt shivers down their spine.

I'm not sure if he fully realizes the impact of his words yet.

Posted: November 28th, 2013
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It’s late

Letting go can be such a strange process sometimes.

It's kind of funny how you can go from knowing someone and being used to their presence – physically and in the abstract sense – to all of a sudden that person becoming nothing more than a face, like seeing a photograph without a caption underneath it. Occassionally you'll wonder about the context of what you're seeing, but you've learned by now that it's best not to ask. I still think about it every now and then, but there's no point in being bitter about it, we can't chase yesterday nor broken people.

It was fun being good to you.

Posted: November 13th, 2013
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I feel like I’m the only one who does this

I carry a notepad with me where I write down all the funny, insightful things that I either think of myself whilst day dreaming or hear in passing – usually the latter. There's a joke on here that I've been trying to use for 3 years now, but social situations have not been kind in allowing me to unveil it.

Posted: November 10th, 2013
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