News for November 2017

Faded like your name on those jeans that I burned

My mom along with my aunt and uncles had cleaned out the last of what was inside my late grandpa's house for a good part of the month. After years of holding onto the property, they decided to sell the place. Within the next few days, they'll be handing the keys and what was left of their childhood home over to a buyer whom we know very little of. I stopped by earlier this month to collect what was left of my grandpa's estate: expensive dishes and Chinese memorabilia that he had collected over time, and shared a box of chicken with the family over lunch that acted as a final farewell to a place that we all grew up in.

Moments like these seem to constantly remind myself of my increasing vulnerability the older I get, and the realization that not only things, but even moments won’t last forever. These experiences, born from these moments are what we should be holding onto, or so says the advice we’re given throughout our youth. But after a while, I sometimes question whether there is much value in these things beyond reflecting upon those “good ol’ days.”

It’s been a challenge personally to grasp the amount of change that has been going on in my life recently. Despite the numerous relationships and connections that I still maintain – and am forever grateful for – there is still a sense of loneliness that I feel as I continue on this journey of trying to reconcile these changes.

Posted: November 29th, 2017
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