News for April 2019


I am exhausted with the idea that a large part of my identity is tied to my career. It’s not a bad job, and I’m happy that I actually have something, but there’s nothing spectacular or noteworthy about it. It’s a job. Yet every little slight I experience related to my work life, I choose to take personally because of how closely tied it is to who I am. I guess this traces back to most of my 20s, where I spent it wandering trying to find that stability, which I have documented well on this site. I’ve been trying to find some other meaning beyond what I do 9-5, and while I have plenty of passions elsewhere, for some reason I just feel as if I’ve let this sort of thing slide for so long, it’s hard to get my mind out of this. It’s petty, and borderline insane that this has happened. A part of me thinks that I need to break out of this cycle, otherwise this regression of myself is just going to continue. God, who the hell am I these days?

Posted: April 24th, 2019
Categories: Randomness
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