Things I have learned

I have returned from my trip to Hawaii! What I like about trips like these is that I gain an even bigger perspective of the world around me, seeing things I only thought existed in pictures. For instance, I learned that…

There exists water that actually looks clear and is colored blue rather than green and dark.

Not exactly new but a reaffirming lesson that women in bikinis are a beautiful thing – especially if there’s a Japanese woman in one.

People in Hawaii are short, unless you’re a tourist or just a freak of nature. I wasn’t Shaq tall over there, but I definitely felt Kobe tall.

Pacific Island chicks are hot too. Especially if they’re performing the hula in front of you.

Lava looks cool in person.

Everyone milks the ‘Aloha’ and ‘Mahalo’ greetings. Do Hawaiians actually say that as often as I was believed to? Or do they just do that in front of tourists?

Turtles look cool in person.

Even though paradise was great, I still missed home.

Posted: September 6th, 2009
Categories: Globetrotting, Randomness
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Comment from Jamie - September 7, 2009 at 9:45 AM

So if you were Kobe tall, I guess I’d be Shaq tall there – maybe “My Giant” tall? Welcome back, son.

Comment from Matt - September 7, 2009 at 10:35 AM

small japanese tourists would want to take pictures with you