Very Good

I’m not one of those guys that spends a fortune buying up a million little toy figurines and places them all around my desk like this guy. I had a friend who did that in high school, but instead he put them in a massive glass case that he probably paid way too much for. It was like an expensive and luxurious glass tower for his toys while the rest of his room languished in his own filth. However, having plastic or vinyl around – as long as it’s the ultimate in cool – isn’t such a terrible thing when it doesn’t get out of hand. I already have enough toys to last me a life time – trust me when I say three is too much – but if I  had the cash to spend I’d take my chances with these, limited to only 200 pieces world wide. Dopetastic.


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The other day I just did the second shoot out between the Gibson J45 and the Martin HD28. So far the J45 is winning. To me the Martin seemed… too bright, which is odd considering every acoustic player I’ve run into treasures the brightness that’s associated with the Martin along with the volume it gives. Maybe I’m just dumb.