I remember watching some interview on Much Music with Gwen Stefani talking about her latest album and some of her tendencies as an artist. At one point she reflected on a diary she wrote in where her feelings were transcribed in it over a certain period of her life. Much later, she read back on those entries and marveled at what was written: the range of emotions, the feelings she felt at the time… they were all there.

I wanted to do the same thing with this. Blogging for me has become an ongoing project documenting certain points in time where putting pen to paper was needed. Here you can see some of the posts I’ve made over the years and watch how my writing ability has deteriorated over time. Not everything has been linked here, either they were lost – forever – or they’re still rotting on my hard drive. One of these days I might unearth some of the older stuff I’ve written but for now here are some more recent entries made.

Before the conversion to the WordPress platform, I made a few posts under the old template. Additionally, some of the older stuff can be seen on my old blogspot site and the various Xanga accounts I’ve made over the years.

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