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Young For Eternity

Doing this co-op job search as me kicking myself over and over again. I wish I was 19 again and instead of taking all these shit courses in school, I took stuff that would actually gear me for something outside of school. Heck I wish I even paid more attention in some of the classes I took. I think it’s fine and dandy that I can identify the symbolism behind the usage of mice, cats and dogs in Art Spiegelman’s Maus or that I can tell you some of the territories – or was it provinces? – that Australia has. But after looking at some of the requirements and the nature of the jobs posted so far, it seems as if I’m not getting an immediate return on my education so far. It’s either that or the right job hasn’t shown itself yet. Thank God I have six more classes to learn as much about the outside world as I possibly can.

And this latest piece of news is just outrageous. Archie choosing the spoiled vixen Veronica Lodge over the sweet girl next door Betty Cooper?? Sorry but there is something wrong with this. But I also wonder how this proposal will work from now on, as the whole premise of the Archie comics was the struggle between Veronica and Betty.

Don’t worry Betty, you still have Brown Rug.

Posted: May 28th, 2009
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