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Can’t sleep, must write

It’s almost 2 AM and I’m still awake for no real reason at all. I guess the night owl in me will never die.

  • The event company that I’m working at has moved the event it’s organizing back into the new year, so my working obligations have been extended. This means two more months of working for little to no pay as a mere intern as well as worrying and fussing about things for a little while longer. It’s a good thing I’m actually enjoying what I’m doing, otherwise I would have gone insane when word came out that we had to stay longer in order to guarantee a successful event. On the plus side, things seem to be on track, and hopefully with all the experience I’ve accumulated during my internship I’ll appear to be a bit more useful to society. And maybe my LinkedIn profile will look less embarrassing too.
  • For the first time in a while, I’m actually worried about money.
  • I’m super stoked for the new Black Keys album. The singles released so far are delicious, and it appears likely that the rest of the album will be fit for consumption.
  • I made the decision to switch Dragonboat teams for 2012, a decision I didn’t take too lightly nor did it feel good doing it. It was a hard thing to do and I honestly wished it all worked out better. That all seems hollow and douchey coming from me right now, but you don’t just leave a team after five years on a whim. The outlook for the team in 2012 wasn’t looking good, and after two hard seasons of trying to rebuild I decided I didn’t want to be a part of that process for a third year in a row. I’ve known several people on that boat for a long time, and everyone there was awesome. I’m going to miss them…
  • …however, I’m still excited for the upcoming dragonboat season. I’ll finally get a taste of being on a top tier team, and while the challenge of trying to adjust to not only a new team but also a longer season and more intense practices exist, I say bring it on.
  • One thing I’ve learned recently? That working for free has often been more rewarding than when I was working for a paycheque. Darn.
  • I’m addicted to Skyrim. Halp.
  • My current Christmas season playlist: Jimmy Eat World – Last Christmas, Coldplay – Christmas Lights,  Death Cab For Cutie – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and Zee Avi – No Christmas For Me.
Posted: December 5th, 2011
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