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Of note part deux

When I heard this was going to happen, then a few days later this might actually be in the works, my head exploded. Exciting news: my childhood adoration for grown men coming together to produce wonderful tunes may actually happen soon. Incredible.

I saw this on High Snobiety today. With the rain coming and dragonboat season starting up, I need to invest in some rain gear. While I won’t be wearing this to practice, those casual strolls through downtown Vancouver might actually be a more dry affair than I’m used to with my cotton rain gear of years past. I’m digging the look, though methinks I’d like something like this minus the length of it. Not sure if something that will reach that far down would actually work, but then again I had a jacket like that before and it seemed alright.


I’m still going to need something for those wet dragonboat practices that’s coming up this spring. Maybe something like this?


Maybe a little too ‘delicate’ for dragonboating? I don’t know… I need something besides cotton to keep me dry.

My fashionistas! What do you think?