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I’m a little late on the anti-SOPA bandwagon, but I’m going to pin my lack of empathy of this rather important issue on my previous internship duties and various other factors that have kept me in the dark on this these past few months. I know, not a good excuse but hey, whatever man.

Probably the most scariest part of SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act – is the danger it poses to user generated content, which is significant because the internet has evolved into a medium which us as users to have an incredible amount of control over, more so than what it was years ago. While SOPA is a piece of American legislation, it’s significance goes beyond one nation and will have a global impact that will affect everyone.

What frightens me about SOPA is the fact that as a domain name owner who uses his space as a blog, the content as well as those that I host will theoretically come under scrutiny in accordance to these new laws. According to one article by Michael Geist, domain names such as mine would be subject to US jurisdiction in accordance to this law, since this domain is under a US domain name registry as well as many others.

What is also interesting about SOPA is its inclusion as part of proposed future US foreign policy, which according to Gant ‘grants more resources to US embassies around the world to increase their involvement in foreign legal reform.’ The last thing we need is more American encroachment within our sovereign borders. And to think I was going to be safe up here in the chilly high north regardless.

The idea that content can be regulated in such a liberal manner is a scary scenario that is difficult for many of us to grasp. How a blog post, a video or a picture can be subject to a law that goes against the freedoms that the internet provides is asinine. In the event that SOPA passes, I guess I’ll have to get used to writing in an actual diary for my rants and emo-esque blogs.


Posted: January 20th, 2012
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No Justice

I was reading the newspaper the other day – in the Tuesday edition of the Province – and browsing the opinion section, they had a couple letters published regarding the findings from the Robert Dziekanski case last Friday. One comment stood out from the rest, coming from a Mr. Jim Simpson from Surrey: “Isn’t anyone else tired of the RCMP being berated for restraining an out-of-control man at the airport?” going on to say that “The police are human, too, and could have suffered permanent injury at the hands of Robert Dziekanski.”

What is this shit?

Most people have already seen the video, where Dziekanski was isolated for hours without any sort of assistance upon landing and could not speak english. After being confronted by officers and clearly walking away in disgust over the situation, he was immediately seen as a “threat” and promptly tasered, a necessary move to protect the officers at the scene. The report on taser usage came in last Friday, the results of the findings nothing short of disturbing.

I find public comments made by this faggot outrageous. Maybe coming from Surrey he has some natural inclination to assume force – whether lethal or non-lethal – is needed to subdue a man clearly upset or in his own words, “out of control.” But it is absolutely outrageous to suggest Dziekanski would have harmed the officers in that situation. I was not aware police policy on taser usage also included targets walking away from them as warrenting the use of the device. Make your own conclusions, but judging by the video, it didn’t seem as if the officers were in any danger when face to face with a clearly distressed man wanting nothing more than to leave the airport in one piece. Unfortunately that was not Dziekanski’s fate that day.

But what is even more outrageous than the comments made by this asshole is the fact that the findings ruled out criminal charges against the officers, at one point apologizing for these pigs by suggesting taser policy was “loose” and under the circumstances the actions were “reasonable and necessary.”

How the fuck was it “necessary?”

Shamefully, the report would make note of the fact that Dziekanski was a chronic alcoholic despite the coroner finding no traces of any substances in his body nor explaining why and how they came to the conclusion that this man had an alcohol problem. Is the report blaming Dziekanski for his own death? How subtle.

I’ve given up hope on the justice system here. How many times have we seen law enforcement officials freed from obligation for their wrongdoings in the past, while the victims and those associated with them suffer? Besides our best friend Jim, there has been a massive outcry against the results of these findings, clearly the public and the system do not see eye to eye here. There is something wrong with the system, there has been no justice served and we are all a little more fucked up for it.

So fuck you Jim. I’m moving to Abu Dabu.