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Mt. Seymour

I went up to Mt. Seymour at 4 in the morning with Ags and some friends to catch the sunrise this past weekend. It’s been an up and down sort of month for me, but being in the middle of nowhere while seeing life just unfold in front of us re-energized me in a way that I haven’t experience in some time. I woke up today feeling inspired and hopeful with some sense of clarity heading into the week.

Posted: August 24th, 2015
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It all comes down to this

  • So this is it, degree papers and all framed and displayed. Now what? Needless to say, I’m a little underwhelmed now after working my ass off for six years. Career wise, I’m worried but not too worried… I think I have time – kind of – but at the same time I’m optimistic things will work out, in some way or another.
  • I am convinced that Tumblr and Twitter have all but killed what is left of casual ‘blogging,’ blogging in the sense that authors generate a mass number of words and paragraphs to fuel their content as opposed to simply ‘reblogging’ or limiting their voice to within 140 characters. Colour me nostalgic, but I prefer the old days where the platform was neither parred down or simply replaced with content found elsewhere. Remember Xanga? We can all laugh at the nonsense that was published on there when we were younger, but at the very least there existed transparency in terms of people’s thoughts and insights. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Twitter, and from time to time I find myself enjoying Tumblr. But as ‘old school’ as I try to project myself as, I am not immune to the allure of social media. My posts have been simplified and yes, even the odd video and image is what constitutes a blog post for me these days. Either I’m getting caught up with the direction of what seems to be the norm out there, or I just have ADD.
  • I’m starting to believe that you’re not enjoying this as much as I am. Please don’t hint that you’re capable of lies… stop it if that’s how you feel.
  • We are always reminded of who our friends are, but I believe life reminds us from time to time of who among them will be there no matter what. Upon reflection, I believe I am spoiled with the abundance of friends that I can count on to support me.
  • Broads… ‘we can’t live with ’em, but we can’t live without ’em.’
Posted: October 6th, 2011
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