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No more goodbyes

A friend mentioned to me a few days ago about some friends who were leaving town to pursue their careers, not knowing when they’ll be back again – if ever. It reminded me of the many trials we face as we attempt to harden ourselves as people over time.

If you asked me, having to say goodbye to people in your life is the hardest thing about growing up. As an adult, I can put up with a lot of shit that comes with age: a failing metabolism, taxes, career stress and money issues. But the one thing I can never seem to get over is seeing people come in and then come out of it for good. I guess the finality of it bothers me, though it doesn’t help that I seem to get attached to people far too easily.

I’ve seen some amazing people in my life appear during it. I’ve enjoyed their company, become captivated by their aura and then just like that they’ve moved on to the next town, leaving behind them a wake of sadness that they may never really understand from the other side.

Unfortunately for us, there will be many more goodbyes to come.

Posted: June 12th, 2013
Categories: Life, Randomness
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