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It was a good day

I’ve never been compelled to comment on a movie that I’ve watched, mainly because I lack the perspective and intellect to carefully articulate something on the film. This practice is done as to avoid the scorn and laughter from movie aficionados who can only view such posts as uneducated and amateur. But screw convention, I’m going to do it today.

I watched Gran Torino tonight, and I have to ask that everyone watch it. It was a bit of a downer of a movie to finish off the night, but nevertheless it was an amazing movie. Not only did I expand my vocabulary of racial slurs against asians and colours, but I also realized that Clint Eastwood – retiring from acting after this – can create a movie that can just touch you in ways that even an idiot movie goer like me can understand – him kicking the crap out of punk-ass asian gang bangers didn’t hurt either. I know a lot of my friends may disregard this movie as looking a bit too masculine for their tastes but I digress: it’s got a little bit of something for everybody and it needs to be watched. I hope Eastwood reaps the rewards for this.

And finally, today was the day I went out and entered into the world of high-end fashion by buying a parka. Fashionable, in the sense that not only the street kids in the magazine ads wear something similar to what I purchased but also high-end in that it cost an arm and a leg to get. But it was worth it: no more cold afternoons up at SFU, where one could claim as evidence for the north pole shifting its center square on our fair mountain school. Thanks to the boys from Hart and Sole, and thanks to Sam for taking the picture.

Photo taken by Samantha Epp

One more thing: The new The Killers album is dope. I highly encourage you all to take a listen. The illest album by The Killers I’ve heard yet. Also, there’s some dope Kanye West remixes put out by Benzik, Plain Pat and Mr. West himself. I’m personally loving the remakes for Flashing Lights, Love Lockdown and Workout Plan, with Workout Plan getting some bonus points for mixing some Smash Mouth in there. Old school!

There’s some more crazy stuff to add to your playlists.