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A million questions asked, the remnants of the past

OK, maybe the title isn’t such an obvious reference, but kudos if you can figure it out.

I’m eating my first meal since this morning, which was a half a bowl of rice so my stomach is hurting yet experiencing great joy at the idea of food down coming down the hatch.

I probably fucked up my final, botched my take home final and made a gazillion grammatical mistakes on my term paper thanks to a 5 minute proof read.

But I don’t give two shits about it right now.

This ends perhaps the most stress ridden semester I’ve ever had. I manage to say that after every completed semester for the past four years, but when you’ve got deadlines on the same day more than once you know your lucky stars have diverged into fuck knows where. I’m tired, whiny, bitchy and all I want to do now is just vegetate and not read or learn about anything new. I’m having problems articulating my thoughts right now because my head is just fucked – hence my eloquence so far. I want to sleep until 2 in the afternoon tonight, I don’t want to wake up to an alarm clock set to some brown music – I thought I set my alarm to the news station. In the end it was a beautiful accident – and most importantly, I don’t want to give a fuck.

My copy of World of Warcraft finished installing. Yes, that’s right, I’m going right back into it again. Hopefully not as obsessively as last summer. I’m outs.

Posted: April 9th, 2009
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