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I just came back from an awesome concert experience tonight, watching Jack Johnson perform at Rogers Arena. Stoked, moved, awed, joy… there aren’t enough words to describe the audio orgasm I experienced.

Normally I don’t even comment on performances I watch. Heck, I don’t recall being so compelled as to comment on the Blink 182 concert I went to last summer. But tonight was different.

Music has and always will be a powerful element in my life. It’s been this way since I was six. Through music life makes sense to me. When I pick up an instrument and play, I let the pick do the talking. The greatest thing about Jack Johnson’s music is that his songs are about love. While my love life is virtually non-existent at the moment, love is this universal thing that even I can understand and experience once in a while. I remember listening to his songs for the first time and feeling like I just got slapped in the face.

If Blink 182 inspired me to pick up an electric guitar, then Jack Johnson would inspire me to pick up an acoustic.

During a time when I thought being a band was the only thing to do in order to enjoy playing, Jack Johnson reminded me that it was OK to play by yourself and that it was perfectly fine to play chords instead of trying to display impressive chops around people. Musically I opened up and became more multi-dimensional. As a person I grew up from being someone who was stuck in this whole ‘teenage love’ thing thanks to Blink, to a more evolved understanding of love.

I sound like a total dweeb right now, but just like how I was dancing the whole time during the concert and looking like an idiot, it doesn’t seem to matter to me when I do it. I’m just groovin’.

Posted: October 2nd, 2010
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