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Bags and School

Foolishly, I drank an energy drink at 9 this evening so I’m a little buzzed, a little anxious right now. I’ll spit something out before I crash for the night.

I like talking about school. You may not like reading about school. That is fine, because me neither. We share a bond in regards to how such an evil place like that can cause so much inconvenience in our lives. I can already tell that I will not enjoy this entry as much as the others, nor would I think this is something I’d be particularly proud of. But I fucking hate the place. Maybe it’s because I’m actually caring about my grades this semester and things aren’t going so well in that regard, or maybe it’s because I’m lost in the crowd, my friends are either not there when I’m there and the loneliness is killing me.

Yeah, it’s going to be one of those posts.

I started thinking about graduation a few days ago, wondering when I’d get the fuck out of that place. Everywhere I go my friends seem like they’re nearing graduation already. On the flip side, some of my other friends are entering college life for the first time, and the idea of me graduating with them when all is said and done is scary, because I never envisioned I’d spend such a substantial part of my youth in school. Shit, if you’d ask me four years ago, I’d thought this semester was my last.

But at the same time, all that bullshit that they told you about college, how when you left high school it was the real world for us. We’d be eaten alive, the merciless would prey on us and upon leaving the vault it was nothing more than a wasteland – didn’t understand that? It was a Fallout reference.


It was supposed to be a dog eat dog world out there. It isn’t. In a way, I’m still being kept on a leash, kept back from certain realities. My profs, even though it’s scaled back dramatically, still baby me. It’s ironic, how a place that’s caused me so much grief is what’s keeping me back from what I would hate even more. I guess I’m scared. Or maybe I just need that summer vacation to come sooner rather than later.

I saw the gnarliest bag this evening. It’s something that I’ll never buy because I see it more as a novelty than anything. Parading around town with this thing, I don’t know what people would think about me. Plus it looks a little awkward, but I’m sure with the price you’re supposedly paying for this thing it should at least fulfill some of that requirement. But regardless, it’s dope I tell you.



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Posted: February 20th, 2009
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