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Herp Derp

Random things that came up these past few weeks:

  • I’ve got two more opportunities to jog before the Sun Run this Sunday. After a five week lay-off recovering from an injury, it’s been a little hard. I’ve come close to being pain free for an entire 10k run, but there have been setbacks. The foot feels fine, but for some reason I’m starting to suffer from shin splints, which is weird because I’ve never had them since I was 16. It’s a little discouraging at this point – especially this close to the 17th – but knowing me, that won’t stop me. I’ll probably end up destroying every single bone and muscle in my body just so I can cross that bloody finish line. That’s just how I do things. It’s also how I got hurt in the first place. But then again, that’s what rehab’s for. And the half marathon isn’t until June anyways.
  • By the way, the most uplifting song I heard during my jog today: Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire. An oldie, but still a classic. The song starts with what is probably my favourite bass-line in a song and crescendos from there. The song came up on my iPod after giving in to the pain in my shins. From there I picked myself up and started running again. I hope God will kick out the jams like that if I ever feel like giving up on Sunday.
  • My co-op semester is almost over and I realized that I won’t be making as much money as I thought I was going to make, which is disappointing. I don’t think there’s a chance I’ll be brought back, since the co-op office has a policy where you can’t work one semester and graduate after that, nor do I think the higher ups will take me anyways (a story for another time). While my savings account has been nicely propped up as well as the expenses for my trip in July have been covered, there isn’t much for other frivolous items I’ve been looking at for a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to land some sort of employment in the summer.
  • As stated in my last post, the new Yellowcard album is dope. Yes, it isn’t the most lyrically genius piece of music out there, but gosh darn it it’s Yellowcard. Also, anyone notice that lately there’s just way too much crazy new music out there to digest? My ears haven’t even sampled the new Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphy’s and Travis Barker’s new album.
  • These past few months have made me realize how stupid I was trying to accommodate you in my life. I get it, this new found purpose in your life doesn’t involve me. I just wish it didn’t involve the obvious deceit and disrespect that you gave me the whole time we knew each other. I will miss you, but these feelings for you have come and gone. Green Day – Whatsername
  • And just to end on a positive note, I will share with you this freakin’ awesome video. Way to go little girl, you rebel you:

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Second Thoughts

I’m having second thoughts about it.

Not taking that extension back in April was a risk. A big risk. One that had financial implications. While I’m not as broke as I like to exaggerate when discussing it, the future outlook of how much I’ve got to play around with for important things looks grim. I’ve also got to deal with going to school, something that I thought was going to be rather exciting, but after looking at the deadlines I’m looking at, I forgot how much school sucked.

I need a new job, the one I’m at is bringing me down and I guess it’s starting to show. I’m not as energetic about doing my work as I was a year ago. I’m not doing the best that I can do, and I’m not really being the kind of person that I expected people in the same role as I. It’s hypocritical I know. The only thing that’s keeping me going is that I still have the support of most of the managers there. If people still rely on me, I guess that should count for something. Also the fact that finding a job is hard.

On the plus side, maybe not taking that extension was a good thing.

I’ve spent more time with friends than I did when I was still holding down a 8-4 job in addition to a closing shift at Scotia. I’ve got some resemblance of a life now. I’ve got time. Never did I realize how precious time is. Now I treasure it whenever I can.

Things maybe aren’t all bad. But the whole job hunting thing still sucks. Oh and school sucks too. Can’t forget that either.

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