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Some introspection

Oh shit the three week break is over.

Unlike Meghan, who just seems eccstatic for the new semester, I feel like I haven’t had enough days sitting on my ass doing nothing. Working, recovering and getting certain things done before the 25th was pretty much all I did. Not much for recreation, sleeping or going through with my jogging route. Three weeks is not enough to refresh this young whipper snapper before he enters the world of academia.

It’s no surprise amongst friends that I enjoy ripping everything about school. Locking yourself away in your room from the rest of the world during crunch time is no way to live yet it’s somehow imperative in order to accomplish some abstract notion of making something out of yourself. Reflecting on these four years I’ve spent up on the wretched mountain, I’ve read books I never took seriously and wrote things that never made any sense. Pretty bleak picture for close to $20,000 spent on all this schooling. But hey, I’m looking forward to co-op this fall – that is, if I make it.

So while I’m already burned out of the spring semester, at least I can take solace in the fact that I’ve gained some new found perspectives gained these past few weeks.

I can’t explain why but perhaps this t-shirt-and-jeans wearing S.O.B is starting to gain some fashion sense, perhaps move beyond what has been conventional for the last eight or so years. I’m reading more into fashion magazines, I’m actually interested in those $200+ pair of Nike Air Force 1’s coming out this spring and I actually want that BAPE tie. Yes it’s over $200 but I don’t care, it has a little monkey on it. Maybe now I can finally appease those fashion fags out there on the street who will judge my character within seconds of seeing or meeting me through the clothes I wear on my back.

Sorry, now I’m spewing. But hey, I’m actually looking forward to some things. If things go right these next few weeks,  you will be among the first to know what one of those expectations were.