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Looking Back

I was a weird kid back in the day. Proof of this is in the archived blog posts I posted on Xanga, 90% of  which was written when I was still in high school. Reading them now, I never realized how emo, in love, confused and lame I was back then. Most of it was funny, in how I managed to abuse the thesaurus a lot in order to pass off as looking smart and eloquent. Reading that stuff and reading what I write now, I don’t mind the crudeness of what I do now anymore as long as I actually understand the words I write down. That’s good enough for me.

Anyways, during my brief stint into nostalgia, one question I had that I now raise to all you important people out there: can someone tell me why I would say the phrase ‘You’re so fish!’ a lot? Furthermore, what does ‘fish’ even mean in that context? I really want to know. Reviving old slang that sounds funny is always fun… unless it means something that’s just wrong.


Posted: October 15th, 2009
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