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Going off

First off, a kick ass video before I go off on some complete bullshit. Watch it. Alberto CerriteƱo’s “Shiva”:

Lately I’ve been in a “decorator” mood lately. There are these brown wooden walls, rustic but absolutely fitting style-wise in my basement. For those who’ve never set foot down there, there’s a huge piece of wall space over the couch covered by some massive Vancouver Canucks flag. While my allegiance to the hockey team cannot be comprehended despite their lackluster play recently, the space could be used for more colourful illustrations. Ever since I discovered this place I’ve been flirting with the idea of buying some original prints off the web to put on the walls. There are some crazy ass stuff out there that could work down here, but the price tags on some of them are scaring me off, not to mention the great ones have already been sold out. Hey, something to think about while I’m daydreaming in class.

Speaking of class, after two weeks of partaking in actual sessions in school, I’ve concluded that I will be utterly rocked this semester. My loud but academically brilliant international law professor insists on close to a four hour session, I’ve already failed a quiz and forgone some easy ass marks in my Atlantic Canada class – yawn – by forgetting to write up a response paper to the readings last week. Normally I don’t freak out over small percentages lost in classes but these days I actually need that freakin’ GPA to go up as my acceptance into co-op this fall depends on it to be at a sufficient level. Three years later, and I wish I never dicked around in school during first year. A lesson for you kids out there.

Once in a while I start thinking about quitting my job, then after a bit I start telling myself I love my job, which then this process of thought repeats over and over again a few weeks later. It’s a great job. Lots of benefits, the people there are rosey and I’ve already committed to over a year of my life at that place, so you could imagine why I’m still gripping this long with the idea of leaving. But looking at my situation now, with school and work robbing other aspects of my life not to mention some severe overlap between the two, I’m starting to see why a lot of my friends and oldies left a while ago. Work can drain you, school can rape you. Three days at school – one mega long ass day – and three days at work. It’s a killer I tell you.

I stayed home last Friday, content with being the social outcast that night and wasted away on video games, movies and TV. I have one day off to myself, before last Friday I never stayed home for at least 24 hours. It’s fucking scary how things are right now. Already the third week and I’m burnt out, though it was not as if I did not anticipate this anyways. My sleeping schedule still has not recovered -currently 3:15 in the morning – due to my late school and work hours essentially making me a nocturnal being. I’m fucked man.

I was talking to Bryan and Henry a while ago about this. I tossed the idea of giving up school and possibly work for a year and just running wild, some traveling and doing some me things. Bryan told me that I should, making a point that I’ve practically spent four fucking years burying my head within the world of academia. Four fucking years of my prime spent inside reading books superficially and writing papers that don’t make any sense to me. It’s crazy. I’m probably going to chicken out on skipping an entire year but you never know what will happen right? I realized four months didn’t do it for me this past summer, how about eight?

Sorry, I’m going off on a rant.

I picked up the guitar again. It’s been a while, mostly because I’ve been so fucking busy and out of energy to do complex tasks such as plugging in an instrument. It sounded good, it felt good again. I found out I still have that rock star urge in me after four years of dormancy. I gotta start playing in public again, those were some good days. But I have to get this work and school crap dealt with first.

And before I part, I urge you to listen to ‘The ’59 Sound’ by The Gaslight Anthem. I’m digging into the album right now, and so far I’m liking what I’m hearing.