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Not the best of days

Two things. I’m a proud Vancouverite. I love this city, I was raised here and I never want to leave this place despite the fact that I may never afford to live here on my own. I also bleed blue. The Canucks have been my team since I was 7. As a fan who wears the team close to his heart, I go through the joys and pains with this team.

Our beloved team has lost in the finals and another team has been crowned champions within our city limits. It’s gut wrenching for me to even think about it. What’s even more sad is the aftermath. But what pisses me off even more than my team losing, the haters coming out and tearing my team and myself down and property being destroyed was when I heard reports of people burning their jerseys en mass.

Today is not a good day for any of us in this city.

Posted: June 15th, 2011
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