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In Retrospect

This is probably my last chance to write this up before I head off to Mexico until Labour Day. Seeing as though the last four months have been memorable for both the right and wrong reasons, I thought it was appropriate to reflect on what happened.

It’s been a summer.

I wrestled with whether not taking the extension from my co-op placement was a great idea, fought back frustration with people and wondered whether going back to school in the summer was going to be worth it.

Instead, I realized that going back to school and relaxing instead of working 9-5ish shifts 5 days a week was worth being poor. I got to go on weekend getaways, got better at the guitar, learned how to cook cool dishes – kinda – worked out, hung out with people I love and stayed up while everyone else had to get up and work the next morning. If  I took that extension, all the things I’ve done and learned would not have happened. I’m happy about my decision.

I also had to deal with people, issues that would have derailed my summer. I won’t get into it – personal – but those in the know know about it. Let’s just say that things were resolved, I got over some things and in the end something nice could potentially happen. I’m happy.

And school in the summer… didn’t really turn out that bad. I registered for an online course and spent one hour a week doing the readings, zombied my way through it all and ended up getting decent results. Score.

So this summer didn’t turn out as bad as I thought. I got lucky, was blessed and I feel better for it. I was busy every weekend being out and about, and spent time with friends and reviving relationships with people I hadn’t seen in some time.

And I will miss it all.

Posted: August 27th, 2010
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I can’t seem to string together an actual post these days. I probably have A.D.D., judging from the amount of incomplete drafts I’ve compiled on my blogging dashboard. That’s why this update will be in point form, because a) I have no focus but at the same time b) I realize it’s time I need to make an update with some actual substance.

  • Alcan starts tomorrow, and from talking with some veterans on the team it seems like the season is starting to fall apart. But I knew this year was going to be tough. Roughly a quarter of our core from last year returned, the rest filled with first time paddlers or paddlers that were away from the sport for some time. We’ve been reduced to being a team that used to be in the higher echelon of the dragon boat community to a much lower ranked team. I think what’s annoyed me the most was that we’ve lost so much of our crew from previous years. I don’t mind the failures that this team will probably endure in the next couple of months, but the personnel loss hurts. We lost good people that made the past couple of years enjoyable. Not to say that any of the new members recruited were awful, but when you only have a few returning members come back, the cohesion and chemistry of the team isn’t as strong and the culture that determines a successful and fun team isn’t there anymore. But these are things I can’t really think about now. We need to endure and believe, and sometimes believing is enough of a push to achieve some success – small or large. While many of our crew is inexperienced, I believe we can make up for it in the fact that we can still pull through when the pressure’s on. There will be a lot of that tomorrow and on Sunday. After this weekend, we’ll see what this year’s version of Red Fusion is made of. Sorry if this isn’t making any sense… I’m tired and that isn’t really conducive to me writing something the least bit inspirational or deep. Blagh.
  • It’s been almost a year and I think I’m ready to move on. I’ve said that so many times, and I just hope it stick now. It’s just not worth the pain anymore.
  • I’m enjoying my summer for once. I feel as if I’m accomplishing things and making the most of the free time I’ve got. Doing new things, experimenting, being reacquainted with old and new friends, and staying the eff away from World of Warcraft. Gah, what a waste of time that was.
  • I don’t know why, but I’ve started experimenting with cologne. So far everything smells bad on me except for a nice bottle from Ralph Lauren. It was the only one that I tried today that didn’t make Sammie T. sneeze or forced Bryan to make disgusted faces at me. For some reason I still smell like that Diesel cologne after a thorough shower and washing of my arms.
  • New headphones. Yay or nay?
  • iPhone or an Android phone? The choices…

Aaaaaand I think I’m done. Adios.

Posted: June 18th, 2010
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I should have seen the signs. When I’m over-confident about something that I think is going to happen, it usually never happens. The same thing applies to this situation, I thought I was going to get extended for co-op, reap some muchos dineros and not worry about money for a while. I’d have also quit my job at the theater – another thing that has weighed on me for a while now. Now I find out that I won’t be coming back and I’ll be back in school a lot sooner than I thought. I knew I wanted to be a student forever, but I didn’t want to jump back into it just yet.

I guess on the bright side it will be the end of early bedtimes and 6 AM wake up calls. I won’t miss those one bit. I’ll also welcome the fact that I’ll have more time to do things. You’d think with no exams and papers to worry about there would be so much time to do things, but when you’re coming home exhausted plus keeping your old job on the side, time seems more wasted on recouping rather than doing something constructive. Maybe with the sun coming out the energy level will be there.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to the summer. And with summer comes summer projects: start practicing more electric guitar, start saving money and cook more which, by the way, I am starting to enjoy (Thank you Thomas Keller). Add to the activities I need to do before the end of summer like surfing, grouse grind and hopefully a bike ride along the sea wall will be things I could do before the end of what I think is my last summer as a student. Oh the horrors of the real world.

And with that, I bid you adieu. I need to recover from all the hits to the head I took today in dodgeball. Tonight I learned that tall white people throw hard. Very hard.

Posted: April 12th, 2010
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I took the long way home from work tonight. There’s something awesome about just driving along the streets at night that just makes it easier to think clearly for once. With all the things that go on in life, I just need to be in a place where I can just think and not worry about what’s going on in front of me.

In this case, sort of.

Tonight’s drive made me think about the future and what I need to do, because I’ve got so many decisions to make for the summer. Do I partake in a spiritual journey to Fiji for a month? Do I hit up California with the old boys and geek out at Comic con? Or do I sacrifice it all just so I can make a few more extra dollars by doing a second term of co-op? It’s just one of those things that make you wish you had it all, but in the end one has to give. I’m almost graduating from school – scary thought – and I just feel like this is going to be my last chance at doing something incredible before I go off into the so called ‘real world’ – what is that really?

I want to go somewhere that will allow me to better myself spiritually, connect with my God and maybe make an impact on people I have yet to meet. I want to have fun with friends and enjoy whatever is left of my youth. I want to make money and be sure that when I finally realize this ‘real world’ I’ll be able to approach it head on without worrying about putting food on the table. Maybe I’m just making this summer to be something that it really isn’t, but I realize that this might truly be the last true summer I’ll ever have.

I’ll look back on what I wrote tonight and regret everything, because I’m in a state of fatigue – and I should never be writing when I’m completely spaced out. But even if nothing was resolved tonight, at least I got to enjoy some time to myself and for once, not caring about the moment.

Posted: March 7th, 2010
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