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T-shirts were all I wore back in high school and most of my university days, until I evolved into wearing more complex styles like button up plaids and short-sleeves to signify a more ‘mature’ individual. These days, it’s rare for me to sport a tee by itself unless I’m lazy or I’m having one of those days where I just don’t care how I look. However, I might make an exception to my rule if I ever got my hands on these.

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Posted: October 10th, 2010
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Out of everything I wear these days, I’ve always seen t-shirts as being the principle form of outward expression that I can wear. I can’t see dropping $500 on a pair of designer or raw jeans that will probably fade in a couple of months. I burn through that shit like crazy, what with my obsession with washing everything I wear after each use – as you should you dirty junkies. Plus, they’re just jeans. Who gives a fuck?

But anyways.

I’m guessing that over the years, my choice in t-shirts has resulted in less than stellar results in initiating much meaningful conversations with the ladies. I mean, when you parade around town with a tattered ‘Drop And Give Me One’ shirt as your garment of choice for the past couple of years, it’s hard to see otherwise. Wearing this particular piece of clothing, an inquiring gentleman asked me one night during my break at work the success rate of this supposed open invitation I’m wearing. Needless to say the conversation ended quickly, with one party laughing while the other sulking away to chomp at his dry fried chicken snack.

Regardless, I’ve always loved tees. They are an extension of my personality, which is funny because I could never provide an explanation for each and every pair of t-shirt I regularly wear: completely random. I guess just like me (haha). Whenever I can let someone or in this case someone else do the talking for me about myself, it’s always a plus. Hooray for being introverted!

These past few weeks I’ve been falling head over heals over the clothing over at FALSE, a fashion brand headed up in Singapore by Le Messie and Amanda Scully. Under the brand they have two other clothing lines, Better Off Dead and Fallacy of Rome, releasing t-shirts and jackets under the two plus the FALSE line. I’m still waiting for my FALSE magazine – apparently sitting in customs over in Richmond airport right now- so I’ve yet to personally examine any of their products closely, but from the looks of it the shit there is bananas: hand-screened shirts without the use of any kind of machines to recreate the image on their shirts. Kick ass, except for the asking prices. However, I could make an exception for a couple I’ve been eying, especially with their newly released My Double Valentine tee. Dope stuff.

Better Off Dead: My Double Valentine

Better Off Dead: My Double Valentine

Fallacy of Rome: Hounds Of Hades

Fallacy of Rome: Hounds Of Hades II

This will probably be the last post I make before I embark on an arduous journey through two weeks of tests, a presentation – which I will be ripped apart by my fellow peers – and a paper. Wish me good fortunes, as I do for you my scholastic partners in crime.

Posted: January 27th, 2009
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