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San Francisco

I’m sitting in a coffee shop somewhere in downtown San Francisco right now. Decided that I wanted to travel solo here earlier this year. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, and I guess partly out of necessity – when I told my friends I was coming down here to run a marathon, they thought I was crazy. And also because I had never traveled on my own before. Being in my late 20’s it was probably long overdue. But after a couple of days into this trip, I’m glad I did it.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy travel companions, and I don’t think I’d recommend this to anyone – some people need to feed off of someone else in order to enjoy new experiences that traveling has to offer. But maybe I’m a little different. I guess it’s because I’m a bit of an introvert, and for most of my life I’ve been a bit of a loner. I don’t have any problems being alone, and the majority of the time I never get bored when I’m by myself. That’s probably why I enjoy running, but anyways.

I also wanted to go out on my own because for a while now, I’m not sure that I’ve been really myself. There’s been a lot going on this past year that I’ve had to try and sort out, I’ve always seen going out of town as a form of therapy. I don’t think I’ve truly disconnected myself from home – impossible – but just for a couple of days, if I could experience living a life different than the one I left behind, then I say mission accomplished.

Tomorrow I’ll be running my first out of town marathon at an ungodly 5:45 AM start time. I love to travel and I love to run. When you combine the two, you get one hell of an adventure.

Posted: July 26th, 2014
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A European Whirl


Went to Europe, saw some things.

Posted: June 5th, 2014
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Due to my terrible A.D.D I have resorted to going back and blogging in point form again. Durr.

  • I decided to go back to school next fall, after giving myself a year to figure out if my current trajectory right now is going to be something I wanted to continue with for another year. And while it isn't bad, I realized that it wasn't enough. 

    Right now I'm taking the pre-requisite courses towards the HR program at BCIT. It's a little weird going back to school after being out of it for a while. But at the same time, there's something very comforting about being in a classroom again. I've always enjoyed school, and I think this time around I'll make it count a little more.

    What's worrying me right now is getting everything in on time and getting accepted. I've got four more pre-requisite courses to complete starting in January and even then I'm not sure if those courses will finish on time for me to make it into the final spots and avoid the wait list. But I'd be stupid not to take that chance.

  • After re-evaluating and thinking about things, I think I need to go back and work on myself for a bit.

  • Because of my back to school plan, it means my Perth trip is essentially dead, as it would be foolish to go full time into school for 9 months with absolutely no cash saved up in the war chest. But I was thinking about going to San Fransisco and hitting up their marathon…

  • …despite that, I feel like splurging on something right now. Damn the consequences. I think some of you know what I've been thinking about lately.

  • I can't wait for Freak Night. I need to get out of this city for a weekend and surround myself with good people.
Posted: October 6th, 2013
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