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Triple FAT Goose 2009 Spring Outerwear

I don’t quite understand the whole jacket phenomenon that’s taken over my sense of fashion these days. I’ve got a million of these suckers in my room. Yet one is not enough. Or five. Something cool will always be there. But there’s going to be rain come this spring, rain combined with a slightly warmer weather front entering our space as we finally leave the crappy winter weather behind. Therefore the need for something lighter but still providing ample protection is needed. While the Chilliwack has served me well so far, we all know that winter is not eternal around these parts. The thing heats up like crazy when conditions are more warmer than usual.

Enter the new Spring collection from Triple FAT Goose, the latest pieces that I’m currently jerking off to. Looks great, though obviously with the way my spending has gone these last few days – out of luxury and of necessity – there needs to be some kind of restraint. Let’s hope in the end I don’t end up broke, or else I’ll be hanging out at River Rock my friends.




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Posted: February 14th, 2009
Categories: Fashion and Art
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