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Quick random thoughts, free of the excess that would otherwise take up an entire blog post for each one:

1) Olympics are over, and I am sad. But I do not regret, I had fun and for the most part did what I wanted to do during the festivities.
2) Team Canada may have won gold, but I still prefer a Stanley Cup parade in Vancouver.
3) Now that I know how you feel, would you wait for me?
4) Writing songs is hard. Deadline in April coming up fast.
5) Twitter is addictive. Please join so more people may experience more of Matt.
6) Work sucks, I know. But at least I get paid.
7) Fiji in July? Would it benefit me spiritually? Would I be allowed to come?
eight) And furthermore, if I were to be offered it, would a second term of co-op be worth it?
9) These pictures won’t upload themselves.
10) More ‘beholding,’ less day dreaming.
11) Vox AC30 or a Bogner Ecstasy? Combo amp or cool half stack?
12) I have yet to venture into the art of cooking. Who’s up for helping me out?
13) Sleep is the enemy.
14) March already. Darn.
15) The Fray – Happiness.

I want attention

I urge you all to sign up for Twitter for constant updates on every move I make in life, from when I go to bed, what I’m reading to the exact moment when I go take a shit. Every move I make is relevant to you, so relevant that you will know all this instantly through your Blackberries, iPhones and iPod Touches and your cell phones. Let me be a part of your daily routine.

Hit it!

Posted: February 18th, 2009
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