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Something’s still missing

It’s 12 in the morning right now and while I could use some sleep, I don’t think I’ll be doing any of that for a bit. It’s a familiar thing for me, being on here – on whatever platform. Remember Xanga? Shit – laying out a big fat brain dump through words, something that I’ve done so many times since high school. It’s familiar I guess, and it’s one of the few things I’ve always known how to do when something’s up.

Came back from my trip to Toronto last night. Took some photos, bonded with friends and experienced a city I only knew faintly from a family trip years ago. I had a great time, yet for some reason this recent escapism seems to have only mildly accomplished what I had hoped something like that would do for me, and that was calm the thoughts and anxiety I had about life back home. I only arrived at 11:40PM last night and almost 6 hours later I had to wake up for work again, so maybe the sudden nature of the demands of the real world is preventing me from properly meditating on the past week.

I guess I’m thinking about things too much again, which I figure is a knack I’ll have that will burden me for the rest of my life. Is this a good plan for the next couple of years? Am I ready to be in a relationship? And if I’m not, then what the hell am I doing wasting my time? Am I focusing too much on me and not enough on my career? There’s so many questions out there that make it difficult to live in the moment sometimes.

Posted: September 3rd, 2013
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In Retrospect

This is probably my last chance to write this up before I head off to Mexico until Labour Day. Seeing as though the last four months have been memorable for both the right and wrong reasons, I thought it was appropriate to reflect on what happened.

It’s been a summer.

I wrestled with whether not taking the extension from my co-op placement was a great idea, fought back frustration with people and wondered whether going back to school in the summer was going to be worth it.

Instead, I realized that going back to school and relaxing instead of working 9-5ish shifts 5 days a week was worth being poor. I got to go on weekend getaways, got better at the guitar, learned how to cook cool dishes – kinda – worked out, hung out with people I love and stayed up while everyone else had to get up and work the next morning. If  I took that extension, all the things I’ve done and learned would not have happened. I’m happy about my decision.

I also had to deal with people, issues that would have derailed my summer. I won’t get into it – personal – but those in the know know about it. Let’s just say that things were resolved, I got over some things and in the end something nice could potentially happen. I’m happy.

And school in the summer… didn’t really turn out that bad. I registered for an online course and spent one hour a week doing the readings, zombied my way through it all and ended up getting decent results. Score.

So this summer didn’t turn out as bad as I thought. I got lucky, was blessed and I feel better for it. I was busy every weekend being out and about, and spent time with friends and reviving relationships with people I hadn’t seen in some time.

And I will miss it all.

Posted: August 27th, 2010
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New York New York

Under normal circumstances this really shouldn’t deserve its own post, but hey, I’m so addicted to this new fangled thing here that I’ll write just about anything to make a new post.

Anyways, uploaded the New York pictures my Dad took this summer, which you can see the thumbnails for on the sidebar. They look absolutely amazing, but unfortunately I couldn’t put them all into the widget as the maximum was 10. In the next few days, I’ll see to it that the rest of the pictures can be seen. Dad did good here.

On a completely unrelated note, I just can’t get enough of the new Kanye West album after a week or so since it dropped. ‘Welcome to Heartbreak’ is the new audio orgasm around here, a pleasurable sound to be sure.