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Work sucks, I know

I’ve finally managed to emerge from the depths of my bunker and away from the evil that is World of Warcraft to deliver this post. Since all my friends have pretty much moved away from the game, it looks like life will be getting back to normal, or at the very least a lot more active away from the computer. Dorkstick is me.

I’m a workaholic. Not by nature but through necessity. I like nice things. I like the colour of green and I like high numbers that go well into the thousands. And most of the time I like where I work, the people are nice and I’m not going into work stressed out wondering when I’ll make a mistake, when I make ’em I could give two shits about it because that’s how I roll there.

I never really thought about it much but going on two years there, I sometimes wonder whether all my efforts have actually mattered. I don’t think I’m the best at what I do but compared to those that share the same title as me, I think I do a heck of a lot more than some if not all. Last night was another busy shift at the theater, and I’m looking at a 1 AM or later finish time tomorrow night. Whatever I do, my ass is into it. I’m not a glory hound, but there are times where I want some validation for what I’m doing, and whether there’s a point in me doing it again the next night. I do my best to get people I work with out and not keep them behind too late, I make sure customers get a level of quality in service – for the most part – and I do my best to be as courteous as possible when exerting whatever authority I have.

But after all this time, I don’t think anything I’ve done has been appreciated. I see lazy shit heads get promotions and employee of the month awards while the others toil away. During my first week, a co-worker told me that workplace politics were in play here, something that I’ve refused to believe. But maybe there is a point to that, maybe I’m just a little naive in thinking bias’ don’t exist in an environment like that. When your senior manager forgets one day that you were a supervisor or one of his ‘eyes and ears’ but instead  remembers the guy that wasn’t quite one at the time, it really makes me wonder.

I guess that’s the real world for you.

Posted: May 19th, 2009
Categories: Life
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