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Something Cool
11.29.08 @ 8:06 PM

Amidst the turbulance and a hectic schedule to follow, I read quite possibly the greatest thing I've seen in a long long time. I can't believe I missed this juicy tidbit that was released a week earlier.

To hear that despite the bullshit that's been going on, out of the blue the three are finally talking. When I heard the most listened-to and influential band in my life is beginning the process of reconciliation, well dang.

This doesn't necessarily spell the beginning of some sort of reunion. But as a fan and follower of the progress of these guys, I can honestly say I'm happy. As a young naive lad, I was heartbroken back in '05 when the band broke. This was a band that influenced various facets of my life. Back in I stole their jokes and regurgitated them back to impress kids and win them over. Almost everything I try to make up on the guitar ends up sounding like 'What's my Age Again." Whenever I fantasize about playing a gig - who knows when that will happen - I imagine myself pulling off the Mark Hoppus signature Punk rock jump move.

Recalling the source of my personality in high school now seems almost scary, maybe a little creepy. But hey, I was never intent on leading a normal life anyways.

I don't have my hopes up that they'll get back together anytime soon. There's alot of healing to be done. But I'm happy that things are rolling positively.

Now back to the papers. 2500 more words to go.

11.28.08 @ 3:34 AM

I'd hate to start off the life of this site by coming off as being negative and constantly down but there hasn't been much of an opportunity to express what is good because of the busy nature of my life thus far. School, serious business. Sorry, this is how I deal with stress.

Anyways a braindump has been added.

I am considering consolidating all my writing into one section, eliminating the braindump and news categorization, at least page wise. This whole dreamweaver thing is pissing me off, I didn't have same amount of patience with this software as I did back when I was 16. So when all this shit is done, dont' be surprised if a much more cleaner yet linear layout is installed here.

Nothing in particular
11.16.08 @ 2:34 AM

I've practically wasted the entire day doing nothing but engage in my own leisure, which is counter-productive when you have papers due in the subsequent weeks ahead. Whatevs, I don't live thinking that far ahead anyways. The moment is always true.

I don't remember the last time I actually read a good blog in a while, not since '03 when the whole blog scene exploded and everyone was getting in on the bandwagon. Many of my friends have simply given up on the medium, whatever feelings and other thoughts have already passed them by through their high school years. Others simply cannot balance it due to time constraints or simply a lack of motivation. Blogging these days don't resemble the old 'here's what i'm thinking' format, Xanga is - if not already - dying a slow death amongst my peers. The age of Twitter and Facebook have reduced the average users blogs into seven word status updates.

That isn't to say there aren't any decent blogs out there, but we have clearly seen a change here. The medium is now a vehicle for the spread of the political message and the spread of consumerism. That isn't to say these things are bad necessarily, but I still believe the medium still serves a viable purpose in the expression of one's own thoughts and circumstances. Services like Xanga and LiveJournal have already exposed well before Facebook hit the scene that people are more voyeuristic than they would admit. People still want to know how people tick, what their lives are about and perhaps learn a little along the way.

But that isn't the point.

I write to express and to unload overbearing concerns when there is no other recourse with another human being. I don't care of my audience is the index bot from Yahoo. As long as you are talking about it, there is still a therapeutic value to this exercise.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is some Oasis of written works out there that I just haven't seen yet. But sometimes I wish I could indulge myself in more of these things than I am right now.

On another note, an update to the template does not seem as if it is coming anytime soon, as stated earlier the school work is piling up and I just cannot accomodate doing something so labour intensive such as designing a site - a major weakness of mine to be sure- nor do I have the energy. But it will come, and I will make sure you will see at least one graphical object that will grace this site.

Also I may just turn this into a braindump feature, since it essentially fits in with the mold that I'm trying to create in determining what is a news post and what is a braindump exactly. Not a big deal.

Squeeze it in
11.09.08 @ 4:20 AM

A braindump has been recently updated to it's proper section. This was an unexpected update, but then again spontaneity is something that I'm more or less familiar with.

I've had a shit day studying wise for my latest midterm, so excuse me for the utterly pathetic post here, but I'm drained from the headaches and lack of energy I've been experiencing this past week in trying to gear myself up for the task at hand. School is a killer, but the end is clearly in sight for this semester. All that needs to be done is just grind the rest of it out.

Tired, but...
11.06.08 @ 1:28 AM

I really want a guitar. Like, right now. Most of my friends know how I love playing guitars, but more importantly how I more or less like owning guitars to make up for the lack of style I commit to my playing. Listening to some Jack Johnson, Coldplay and heck, some Death Cab have me G.A.S.S.I.N.G (Gear Aquisition Syndrome) for an acoustic of some sort. But seeing this baby and this have me looking at pouring my limited funds into something equally pleasing to my eyes and ears.

Another Update
11.04.08 @ 2:13 PM

...just so you know I'm still alive.

On this historic day for our American friends down south, I bring you another random musing on the daily goings of this young garcon. I won't even attempt to speculate who will win, but if by some random occurance things don't go the way as planned, then shucks.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use Dreamweaver CS4. which is a bigger pain in the ass than I expected, a step in the wrong direction as opposed to it's MX relative, which I've had good times with. Figuring out how to edit the size of particular font is a pain in the ass: I do not like rolling my sleeves and getting down and dirty with HTML. I'm done with that shit, seriously.

Template is still not up as you can see, but I've got an idea of how things are going to look, though I'm still trying to resist the temptation of using Wordpress as my actual template, as marvelous as it is.

And lo and behold, I've updated a braindump for your reading pleasure. Yes, I'm going back to the old braindump format, if any of you dinosaurs remember the good old days of when I last did this. I'm guessing the only people who do are the people who I've already parted ways with in life.

And I've also ditched the old signature 'Matt out' tag on the bottom of each post. It was gay and stupid, something that I ripped off Penny Arcade and Twisted Monkey while I was in high school. It's been five fucking years already, I think I need a new gimmick, no?

Did I already explain how much Dreamweaver CS4 sucks donkey balls?

Something Fresh
11.02.08 @ 12:17 AM

Well this is different.

After 5 odd years of wondering whether I'd get this far, it's finally happened. And I have to say, it's pretty cool. My own name - three, actually - and my own 'home' on the web. Granted not everything's set up - no a single .gif, are you kidding me? - I still feel like this current template can at least be salvagable in terms of servicing you with the main point of this website: my own misguided interpretations in this world we live in.

I certainly am excited.

I don't see myself having much time evolving the current layout any time soon, what with papers and the overbearing 40% mid term I have to study for will certainly cruch my soul in the coming weeks. So unfortunately I do not see much in terms of updates besides the odd post now and then to update you on my vitals. Heck, after a failed night of pub crawling last night and a rather tiring day of doing nothing has forced me to put the last bit of energy into writing this post, which I see as an accomplishment.

Catch you on the flip side.